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About Us

Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation as the core body instituted Vedic Foundations of Indian Management and Academy of Value Based Management thus creating avenues for the scholars from different parts of India and the world to converge and create a systematic approach in the respective areas. Reinventing the self-sustaining management system of India is the task before VFIM and its practical and methodological adoption is the task before AVM.

Academy of Value Based Management, an applied wing of ISOL Foundation and ISOL Global Foundation, attempts to reignite the union of scientific research methodology of modern as well as ancient wisdom traditions. The spirit behind AVM is to contribute to the CSR and Ethical Business practices by incorporating their ideas and endeavors with that of the Vedic traditions. The areas of focus include Women Empowerment and Mass Social Entrepreneurship through management education, training, consulting and skill development activities to name a few.

Ancient wisdom has forever been a magnanimous source of inspiration and insights guiding individuals towards excellence in a manner so profoundly sagacious. Through the decades the overpowering influence of the contemporary trends and thought processes, with both pros and cons, led to the slow erosion of the valuable treasures from the young minds. However, in the present scenario the shift of focus from a moral and employee centered approach to that of profit making and productivity leaves the minds bewildered when the internal environment of the corporate houses are intuitively scrutinized further leading to the disclosure of the near mental and moral break down of the basic building blocks – the people.