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Through an integrated research based approach facilitating corporate enhancement practices, AVM provides a series of academic courses fostering productivity at all levels of the organization.

The idea is to make a difference by elucidating the minds sharing the spirit with the indigenous knowledge to bring about a stark change in the stagnant or otherwise depleting level of ethicality in the business practices by unfolding the underlying potential and nurturing the same with a harmonious and enhancing aura. With a diverse and intellectual faculty, our each course has a layout of social entrepreneurship, promoting self-culture and betterment in organizational development, objectives and innovation with specific module, pedagogy and programme schedule. Fulfilling the component of the curriculum, students’ tasks include villages and social initiatives to promote mass entrepreneurship and to initiate women empowerment issues. AVM also provides 1 year mandatory service to PSU.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Value Based Management (PGD – VBM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Leadership for Health Care Management (PGD – ALHCM)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Tourism (PGD – ST)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Sustainable Development
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship

Doctoral Program

  • Part Time Ph. D. Programme for Students and Working & retired Executives